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Flight - The Beauty

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There is something about seeing an aircraft, either standing tall on the ramp or in action in the sky that draws us to it. Even people who are not necessarily passionate about aviation look up when they hear an aircraft pass over. It’s almost an automatic reflex.

Those of us who are passionate about aviation and commercial aircraft in particular, are almost obsessed with seeing aircraft in all their glory. Some are more aesthetically pleasing to see than others, but they are nonetheless a marvel to see in action. In this area we will present both still photographs and videos made by photographers and videographers whose passion is aviation…and the work is simply stunning. I will add my own personal photographic and growing video skills to this collection of photographs and videos. When we show the work of another photographer or videographer, we will link you to their videos and their sites so you can see not only what they feature, but all of their work. Our goal is to present to you what is out there in the world and share it with you to link you up with some fantastic artists whose passion for aviation is limitless.