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Flight - The Planning:

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Commercial flight is second only to space exploration in the complexity of its operation. How do all the parts come together to a single point in time (we call D0) when your flight departs the gate, then flies to its destination and arrives there more than 95% of the time….in the vast majority of cases within 15 minutes of its scheduled arrival?

We will explore this in great deal with you, how those parts come together, how we plan flights and how they are “dispatched”, how they are closely monitored and coordinated so that when you arrive, all is in place to receive you and your luggage and get you moving to your next destination.

There will also be links to existing videos from different sources, both aviation enthusiasts and commercial airlines, who show the behind the scenes of what they do in their operations. What you will notice is that with a few minor differences, it’s all done the same way, no matter where you are in the world. We will talk about the single global standard for aviation and how all the countries who are participants in the treaties that have made it that possible to allow you to travel half way around the world in less than 18 hours.

We will introduce you to the Flight Dispatcher and the role we play in orchestrating how all this these complex parts come together to get your flight off the gate, in the air, landed safely at your destination and at the gate at your arrival time.

Some of these videos will be highly technical and in those occasions in which we will be discussing technical matters, we’ll warn you upfront so when you wonder why the material is so, well…dry…you’ll understand.