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Flight - The Virtual World: 

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There is very much a virtual world of flight. It is alive, well and is growing, in quality and in scope to a point in which we can simulate almost every system on a home PC. There is marvelous potential here to streamline the process of pilot training, for systems training is hard work and often is done in environments which don’t really simulate the real world as desired without severe cost implications.

Here, we will take a deep dive into Flight Simulation at the study level and teach people who are serious about Flight Simulation how to flight plan, load plan and flight monitor in the virtual world. Since we now have RW weather and wx radar capabilities in the sim and with the different platforms, one can truly learn systems (in P3D) and how to perform the maneuvers (X plane) so that they can gain a higher level of proficiency in their simulator flying. We do a lot of flight planning in the virtual world, but I would venture to guess, not many people fully understand the how and why of it. This is what we can bring to the table which is unique and different and I believe will fit in very nicely in the Flight Simulation community as it continues to grow.